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From Adam:

This is very good work. You have done a lot of homework on this topic and it certainly shows in the way you have represented your material. I thoroughly enjoyed this article.”


From Joseph Pham:

Dear Micheal:

Thank you for telling a great story. We are among the Lucky Few rescued by the USS KIRK on that day of the ‘Black April’ in 1975. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Captain and the entire crew on the KIRK!

Thank you again and God bless.”


From Brian Schmidt:

Micheal, you are doing an amazing job with your research and website!”


From Ashanti:

As a website possessor I believe the content matter here is rattlingly magnificent. I truly appreciate your hard work. Keep it up! Best of luck.”


From Joyce Swenson:

Grandma Joyce is so proud of you. I enjoyed this website and am looking forward to hearing more of this interesting story.”


From Jim “Bon” Bongaard – Fmr. Crew member of USS Kirk:

Well crap on a cracker mate, you have gone to the dark side. Your efforts continue to make us old salts well up with pride and show just a glint of a tear.

Bravo Zulu. You are a truly amazing kid!

Your Pal and Shipmate,



From Capt. Paul Jacobs (Ret. USN) – Fmr. Cmdr. of the USS Kirk:

Micheal: You are an inspiration to the offices and men of the USS KIRK, FF1087, who served aboard KIRK during 1975 and all crew member that have served aboard KIRK during the active service with the United States Navy. In addition, the Vietnamese people that you have met during the last few months, as well as those you will meet in the future, sincerely believe you have made a tremendous impact and contribution in getting the untold story of the rescue of the South Vietnamese Navy into the public.

When you understand that the average age of the enlisted crew was 23 years old, of which 86 were 17-20 years old aboard KIRK in 1975, you realize how young the crew was that served aboard KIRK. All Americans and American/Vietnamese will be very proud of the KIRK crew and thank you for doing your project about KIRK.

“It was a profound pleasure for me to meet you in April 2011 in Garden Grove, California. We in the Navy say when a job is well done ‘BZ’.”


From Sara:

“Great site, I’m excited to watch it grow. Very proud of you!”


From Greg and Amy:

“Keep up the good work, we just saw your segment on KWWL News. You are an impressive young man.”





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